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With 25 years in photography and marketing, Danny
and I have been able to do what we love. With seven children and twenty-seven grandchildren, family has always played a big part in everything we do. And of course our life experiences give us a great perspective as we work with couples, families, seniors, children, and pets to create the portraits that capture emotions while creating memories.

We stay involved in our community with projects like: Girls Haven, Children’s Miracle Network, The Gift of Life Program, and the American Cancer Society. One of our favorite projects was the creation of “Portraits of Courage,” an exhibit featuring cancer survivors ranging from two to seventy years of age. The exhibit received coverage from radio,television, and newspaper. This exhibit really touched our lives. We also received the American Cancer Society- Texas State Media Award for our work.

Brenda & Danny Keffer


What started out as a hobby has become a grand adventure for Danny and I.
With a background in art I have always been creative, even took a photography class
in college. Danny got interested in photography through a community education
class and we began working together in the darkroom. Danny was constantly reading
and studying photography and as our kids grew I was able to get more involved.
We’ve had a full time studio since September 1994 and have been adapting and
changing with all the new advancements in our field. We now can do all our work
in house, from shooting the images, providing art work and enhancements, to
printing (up to 60” wide) and framing. A camera has our become the our means of
creating beautiful portraits and a wonderful life for us.

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